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If you live in the Bay Village Ohio area, and you are looking to remodel your existing kitchen or to install new granite countertops in your new home, Bartan Design Inc is the place to go for granite countertops. We’ve installed custom granite countertops for years in the Bay Village Ohio area, and we have plenty of satisfied customers testimonials to show you.

We offer the most competitive pricing as well as the highest granite quality granite fabrication and installation services in Bay Village. Our shop is trusted by established high end builders as well as remodelers. We do however get most of our business from the enthusiastic referrals of our satisfied customers. Bartan Design is a family business, small enough to give you the individualized attention you deserve, yet big enough to handle the most complex residential and commercial granite jobs.

Bartan Design handles all aspects of the granite job from the templating process to the fabrication and to the last installation details. We bring to every job the expertise of thousands of successfully completed granite projects, as well as the exceptional attention to detail you would expect your home to be treated with.

To get an estimate on your upcoming project, please call the number on this page.

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