Cleveland granite countertops manufactured by Bartan Design Inc.
    Cleveland Granite Countertops fabricated by Bartan Design Inc.

About backsplash

Standard backsplash (4") along the kitchen countertops is made of the same granite like the counter.More expensive-but gorgeous-is full backsplash (~18" high-up to the wall cabinet).The backsplash adds color and a surprising amount of visual efects to your decor while it protects the walls from water damage,spills and splatters.

There are a variety of materials for backsplashes:marble,granite,natural stones,metals,mosaics,glass and ceramic.You can introduce borders, accents and special stone composition.Don't be afraid to mix and match the material.

Make sure to check the tickness of the materials you want to use to see if they are compatible.Prior to installation have an idea where your kitchen tools will be placed on your counter.An big coffee maker can block important design features and so on.

The use of picture frame designs behind specific areas (like stove,cooktop) has the ability to create an focal point in your kitchen. You can create a good picture by using materials that contrast in color.

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