Cleveland granite countertops manufactured by
 Bartan Design Inc.
    Cleveland Granite Countertops fabricated by Bartan Design Inc.

Granite countertops installation

Finally the day you've been waiting for.We will deliver and install your beautiful granite countertops.One by one each piece of your granite countertops will be brought and carefully set on your cabinet.Cabinetry must be prepared for installation of granite countertops, cleaned,leveled and permanently set. You have to have everything cleared from the work area and water must be shutoff to sink.This includes removing all items inside the sink cabinet and on top of the cabinets. The granite will be installed, leveled and we'll match the seams perfectly.Most jobs do not require more than one seam but depending on your kitchen's size we at times are required to make as many as three seams to complete the job.The installer will set the sink on or under your granite countertop but the water lines will be conected next day.The job site will be left in broom-clean condition.

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